Iraqi Journal of Agricultural Research (IJAR)

          Iraqi Journal of Agricultural Research (hereinafter called “IJAR”) is a global, scientific, and open access journal, publishing under the license of Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC-BY). Deposit number at Iraqi National Library and Archives is 544 in 1989. The IJAR has License – International Standard Serial Number Print ISSN:2790-5306, Online ISSN: 2790-5314 . The journal is published by the Ministry of Agriculture, Iraq biannually since 1996, It also organizes research conferences and publishes the research participating in the conference in special issues for the conference . A double-blind peer-reviewing system is also used to assure the quality of the publication. 

          IJAR is a self-funded publication and its editorial board welcomes unconditional financial assistance from Benefactors or donors.

         The IJAR publishes original articles in the field of agricultural science with a period of 15 days we will send a result of the initial decision of publishing to the author/s email. IJAR requires ID (150000) or US$ (100) as a fee for reviewing and publishing an accepted manuscript.

Publisher: Ministry Of Agriculture.
Society/Institution: Ministry Of Agriculture, Iraqi Journal Agriculture Department.

Address:      Iraqi Journal of Agricultural Research, Ministry Of Agriculture / Al Andalus square , Baghdad, Iraq. 

Print ISSN:    2790-5306

Online ISSN: 2790-5314

         IJAR’s vision is to thrive hard and become one of the important open access publishers by contributing excellent knowledge to agricultural researchers endeavor through publishing research contents and giving the best quality output that could serve the agricultural sector.

         IJAR publications is committed to publish quality research and disseminate the research worldwide. We are strict for plagiarism, unethical, and fraudulent submissions, support quality, and innovative research thoughts. We ensure the authors’ confidentiality and copyright for their published work. We respect the authors’ work and invite all innovations. We have open access journal in Agricultural Sciences to promote and aid in the enhancement of research.

         IJAR Publications wishes to play a key role in agricultural research and contributing and delivering information, discoveries, and innovations. We wish to allow all agricultural research, academic, and postgraduate students to access and use the research information without any restrictions and free of cost.

         The IJAR’s mission is to build a larger archive in the field of open access by providing uninterrupted access to the agricultural researchers and fulfill the saying “Intensifying thoughts” by providing an endless platform to improve the thoughts of scientists, researchers, scholars from different universities, institutions globally. We are publishing articles with the highest standards with the support of the editorial board.

          The IJAR is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that specializes in agricultural research. The publication is dedicated to bringing together academic and professional scientists, as well as postgraduate students who are engaged in efforts to understand the agricultural services in fields of:


  1. Field Crops.
  2. Plant Breeding.
  3. Plant Protection.
  4. Animal Husbandry.
  5. Food Sciences.
  6. Soil Science and Irrigation Management 
  7. Poultry Husbandry.
  8. Horticulture Sciences.
  9. Agricultural Extension.
  10. Agricultural Economy.
  11. Agricultural Mechanization.
  12. Veterinary Sciences.
  13. Agricultural Biotechnology.